Our brands at a glance

Flying WheelsWith its origins in the Basque Country, an area where hills and roads just invite you to explore the area with the Flying Wheels skateboard or longboard. Born right on the coast, the label is now considered one of the absolute professionals in the field of manufacturing fancy, robust and practical boards that can be bought complete or only as Flying Wheels deck.
DemolitionDemolition Parts was founded in 2000 by Volume Bikes owner Brian Castillo in sunny Califormia. Brian himself is already a legend, but the Demolition BMX team includes a number of other greats. Dave Osato, Jason Enns and Mike Escamilla should be known to the experienced BMXer. The Young Guns should know Dennis Enarson. The guy has accumulated a lot of sponsors, rides for Nike 6.0 and is deservedly in the Demolition A-Team.
WTBMTB & Gravel components - successful since 1982. WTB is one of the pioneers of MTB brands and was founded in 1982 in Marin County/CA. At the time, there was a lack of high quality MTB accessories because MTBs in the early 80's were more of the rare oddities, but not established bike models. The 3 founders, including Mark Slate, nevertheless took on the challenge of developing durable components. With success! Today, WTB is one of the most successful gravel and MTB component brands on the market.
Pedal PalmsPerfect fit, good padding and high quality - these are the features a good short-finger glove should have. The Australian glove brand Pedal Palms, which comes from the house of FIST Handwear, brings all this and also stands out for its extraordinary designs. Eye-catching patterns and colours make the gloves a real eye-catcher.
DT SwissDT Swiss meticulously develops high-performance cycling components that give every ambitious cyclist a competitive edge. We design, invent, develop and redefine every day. We strive to maintain our technical leadership every day. We always do our best to develop products that set new standards. We help cyclists achieve their goals. Every day, for 25 years, we've been all about ENGINEERING PERFORMANCE.
HövdingHövding is the first airbag for cyclists. Gone are the days when the helmet ruined your hairstyle or left annoying pressure marks. Hövding is simply worn around the neck like a scarf. The integrated sensors check the rider's movement 200 times per second. As soon as an accident is sensed, the airbag is triggered within 0.1 seconds. This stabilizes and protects the entire head, neck and throat area. According to Stanford University, this type of protection is up to 8x safer than classic bike helmets.
HoffmanBicycles are my life. I've put my heart and soul into advancing our sport and evolving our gear to keep up with our progress. Hoffman bikes have been made for the riders by the riders since day one. We live BMX, we are BMX!
KnightKnight Bike Co. is a BMX rider owned company founded in late 2003. Specializing in high quality BMX and freestyle parts and accessories. The first parts released were parts like axles, spindles and screws. This was at the time when the BMX market only had 35-40lbs bikes and everyone was trying to make their bikes lighter. Once the main components like frames, forks and handlebars got lighter it was time to move away from Ti parts.
PrologoPrologo was founded with the goal of quickly becoming one of the leading saddle manufacturers in the world of competition and elite bikes, offering innovation and quality. Improving not only the athlete's performance but also the consumer's, increasing the comfort and durability of the product is what drives us every day and leads us towards our goal. In 10 years we have worked on excellence, positioning ourselves in the "Silicon Valley" of the cycling world and changing the way we think about the saddle.
QuarqQUARQ: High performance power meters, tire pressure gauges & suspension sensors. Measure and Improve. For QUARQ, that's the path to better performance - from the top of the mountain to training at home on an exercise bike. The goal is clear and the successes - big or small - are real. QUARQ produces the world's most widely used power meters, innovative sensors like the TyreWiz tire pressure gauge, and the award-winning ShockWiz suspension sensor to help you develop even more power on your bike.
SpeedplayOne with your vehicle. As the only dual-sided bike pedal platform, Wahoo SPEEDPLAY offers best-in-class efficiency, engagement and comfort. These benefits create a direct connection between rider and bike and maximize every stroke with a bike fit and float tailored to individual pedaling dynamics.
Fuse The best protective gear in BMX. Whether you're a beginner or a full pro, FUSE has the perfect protection for every BMX rider. From simple ankle protection to full protection - FUSE has a wide range of different protection levels to equip all riders. In addition, there is also the matching helmet and glove series. FUSE offers the best protection from head to toe for BMX riders.